Paweł Szmurło

Paweł Szmurło, attorney at law, provides legal services within the scope of:

  • representation before Polish courts,
  • representation before administrative authorities,
  • preparing legal documents and contracts, including international commercial transactions,
  • representation in negotiations, including in English language,
  • providing day-to-day legal services to companies and individual entrepreneurs.


Paweł Szmurło, attorney at law, completed his law studies in 2010 at Faculty of Law and Administration of Jagiellonian University in Cracow, the oldest law faculty in Poland, also being one of the leading academic institution in Poland, as well as Europe.
During his studies he completed The American Law School with lectures provided by professors of Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. He also participated in the ERASMUS scholarship at University of Ankara, Law Faculty, where he deepened his knowledge regarding Anglo-Saxon law and, on a basic level, Turkish law.
He completed his studies by defending his thesis titled "Rules of management the municipal housing resources" before professor Tadeusz Woś, head of the Chair of Administrative Procedure. The thesis focused on rules of managing social premises.
He completed his attorney at law apprenticeship at a renown law office seated in Cracow. After passing the ending exam he continued to provide legal services in the same office for one year. City of Bytów is his business seat from half of 2016.


He deals with all kinds of litigation, meaning representation before courts, as well as preparing any legal and court letters. In his practice he prepares all kinds of contracts, including business transactions and also assists in any negotiations. He is proficient in English language, including legal English.
In his up-to-date practice he provided complex legal services to business entities, including foreign ones, mostly from Kingdom of Spain, Great Britain, Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands and Federal Republic of Germany. During his practice he also came into contact with cases regarding laws of Republic of Cyprus, Swiss Confederation, Italian Republic, Kingdom of Sweden, Virgin Islands, People's Republic of China and United States of America. The scope of his cases included especially commercial and corporation law, with particular focus on conflicts between partners of commercial companies. He acquired much experience in establishing, merging, acquiring of companies, including their liquidation.

His practice also included bankruptcy law – he acted as a complex advisor to an official bankruptcy officer, in bankruptcies of an individual entrepreneur and also of state-wide companies.


  • cases for payment, from call for payment until the ending of enforcing procedures;
  • cases related to real estates, including management, sale, lease and eviction cases;
  • land book cases;
  • inheritance cases;
  • cases of so called "actio pauliana" (fraudulent conveyance), meaning voiding debtor's actions leading to financial impoverishment of his creditors;
  • cases for damages arising from body injury or mental health disorders;
  • cases for establishing a legal relation;
  • cases for voiding legal acts, especially on the grounds of lack of capacity to perform such acts, a mistake, fraud, duress (coercion);
  • cases of copyright law;
  • cases for abusive clauses before the Head of Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.
  • all kinds of register proceedings, especially related to submission of annual financial reports;
  • providing opinions on resolutions of corporate entities bodies, including ammending their articles of association or statutes;
  • cases for enforcement of obligations before the Polish National Court Register, including cases for annulment of fines;
  • cases for voiding of resolutions adopted by meetings of shareholders;
  • cases for dissolving a company;
  • cases related to unfair competition between businessmen.
  • cases for divorce;
  • cases for alimony;
  • cases for deprivation of parenting rights.
  • provided services to an employment agency;
  • cases for termination of an employment contract with notice;
  • cases for termination of an employment contract without notice;
  • cases for establishing a labour relation between an employee and an employer.
  • cases for granting Polish citizenship;
  • cases for revocation of administrative decisions, including tax decisions;
  • cases for designated benefits.
  • defence in legal trials regarding various alleged crimes (crimes against property, health and life);
  • acting as plenipotentiary for victims of crimes;
  • cases for arrest and other preventive measures (bailment, Police supervision, prohibition on leaving the country).
  • all kinds of business negotiations, including negotiations in English;
  • conducting and minuting of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders' meetings;
  • legal audits.


Jagiellonian University diploma
Credentials from an acamedic of Ankara University
Recommendation for apprenticeship
Certificate on attorney's pledge


In 2015 he acquired a bronze Mountain Touristic Badge of the Polish Touristic and Hiking Society (ranks of badges: bronze, silver, gold, platinum – platinum being extremely rare).
He is a passionate photographer, he runs a photo blog on Facebook titled "Złodziej Światła" (eng. "The Light Thief"). From time to time he organizes photography exhibitions in Bytów.


Kancelaria Adwokacka Adwokat Paweł Szmurło
Mobile phone: +48 691 589 472
Skype: adwokat.szmurlo
Address: ul. Racławicka 16/3, 77-100 Bytów, POLAND
Polish tax no.: 842-172-10-43
Bank account for PLN: PL 76 2490 0005 0000 4530 0008 6984 (Alior Bank S.A.)
Bank account for EURO:
Swift/BIC code: ALBPPLPW
IBAN no.: PL 73 2490 0005 0000 4600 0006 6042 (Alior Bank S.A.)