1. [Success fee]
In every case accepted, attorney Paweł Szmurło is entitled to a sucess fee in the amount of 2% of the scucess. The success fee is not binding only if specificaly consentented by the Attorney. The success fee is binding even if it was not specifically agreed upon by the Client.


Acting accordingly to EU Parliament resolution 2016/679 dated 27 April 2016, so called GDPR, the Paweł Szmurło attorney-at-law conducting business activity under the name Kancelaria Adwokacka Paweł Szmurło (Polish tax no, 842-172-10-43), hereinafter refered to as the Attorney) informs that it applies the following rules on personal data procession:

1. [Administrator]
The Attorney acts as the administrator on personal data processing within the scope of the Atorney's business activities. Contact information are as stated on the website www.adwokatszmurlo.pl.

2. [The grounds of personal processing, image recording]
The Attorney processes personal data on various legal grounds. It is impossible to fulfill the Attorney's duties without personal data, for example to provide this data in a letter to a court. Basic identification of the contractor is required by rules of law, for example on social security, as well as due dilligence.

The main grounds for data processing by the Attorney is a declaration of will by a natural person to conclude a contact with the Attorney.

The Attorney acquires and processes personal data only for the purpose of conducting its business activity.

3. [Period of personal data processing]
Personal data acquired on the grounds of consent of a natural person shall be stored no longer than the withdrawal of the consent, unless objected by a legally protected interest of the Attorney.

Personal data acquired in relation to performance of the Client's contract with the Attorney shall be stored no longer than 10 years from the day in which the obligations are to be fulfilled. This period regards the limitation period for claims awarded by a court of law and torts.

The Attorney is also obliged to keep accounting books for the period of 5 years. These documents also contain personal data of the Attorney's contractor according to Polish accounting law.

Please keep in mind that data processing is not within the scope of the Attorney's business activity, so some actions regarding the data may not be conducted immediately. Due to this, the aforesaid periods may be prolonged for a period of 1 year, in order to organise the process of deleting decade-long documention.

The Attorney may prolong personal data processing, if required by its legally protected interest – for example if the personal data may become evidence in court litigation.

4. [GDPR Rights]
A natural person, whom personal data the Attorney processes, is entitled to to demand access to his or hers personal data from the Attorney, data correction and limitation, to submit an objection to processing and to transfer personal data in accordance to EU Parliament's Resolution no. 2016/679 adopted on 26 April 2018 r., as well as to demand his personal data deletion, unless objected by a legally protected interest of the Attorney.

A natural person who consented to personal data processing by the Attorney is entitled to withdraw the consent, however the withdrawal is not binding, if objected by a legally protected interest of the Attorney.

A person, whom personal data the Attorney processes, is entitled to submit a complaint to a public supervisory authority guarding the lawfullness of personal data processing.

Paweł Szmurło, attorney-at-law


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